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community for all Muslims in Greater Tokyo Area

Manara is a prospective Japanese-style mosque that operates in English and Japanese and gathers muslims for prayers, social activities, and islamic lectures. It also functions as a gathering point to welcome seekers for knowledge on Islam, and guidance on Muslim life in Japan.


who we are

We are a community of Muslims and followers of Ahl al-Bayt residing in Tokyo. We've been active since 2018, mainly working on Muslim awareness to Japanese audience, as well as organizing activities for Muslims living in Tokyo area, and helping in providing social needs for our Muslims brothers and sisters. Our mission eventually is to build the first Masjid in Tokyo, to be a point of gathering for all the followers of Ahl al-Bayt who live in Tokyo and its surrounding area, as well as the many Muslims visiting Tokyo yearly.

what we do


• Yearly Islamic Events (Ashura , Laylatul Qadr, Prophet and Imam's Births, Mornings Sessions)
• Islamic awareness programs for Japanese
• Female monthly gathering for Japanese-speaking Muslims
• Ramadan programs & iftar gatherings
• Hadith Classes
• Du'a Kumail Gatherings
• Da'wa
• Managing Sadaqa and Zakat
• Marital Islamic contract
• Funeral and janaza body handling rituals

Future Plans

Future Activities & Services

• Islamic classes for kids
• Support system for converts
• Support system for connecting Muslims with Muslim professionals
• Marital matching support
• Translation of Islamic resources
• New Muslim immigrants support

The story behind the name

why manara?

Manara (مَنارَة) is the Arabic word for "minaret", which is an essential design element of a mosque. But at the same time, Manara also means a "lighthouse" that provides guidance towards destinations.
We chose this name since it perfectly symbolizes our ambitions in one word.

your generosity goes a long way

Support us

Manara is a community-driven project that is based on donations from the community members themselves, which imposes a challenge. Any support we receive can help us make this project a reality sooner. If you would like to help us realize this, please help us with your generous donation.

we appreciate your kindness

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about us and this project, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We would very much appreciate any kind of support we can receive.